University Specific Mock Interview (Online)

Many students report a feeling of familiarity in their interviews following the completion of one of these sessions. 

Your interview feedback is delivered real-time by current medical students and doctors in the context of the unique expectations held by different medical schools. Populated onto our easy to follow rubrics, you can come back to your feedback at any time. We are all about providing personalised feedback that is reasonably actionable in the time frame you have before your interview. Our perfection of this product is one of the main reasons we are industry leaders in medical interview preparation with thousands of successful students. 

As for ensuring its effective implementation, we recommend you consider sitting multiple university specific mock interviews to ensure you have truly mastered the craft. Along the way, you are sure to discover invaluable insights about your specific university – knowledge that's not common, sure to impress your interviewers and convey a genuine appreciation for their medical school. The university-specific interviews are capped at a set number of spots per each university; so it’s advised you book these sooner rather than later. 

Immersive Program

This product is part of the ‘Immersive’ program and must be purchased in addition to the “Immersive Starter” pack. The Immersive Starter enables you access to the foundational components of our course, including our Interview atlas, our money back guarantee and a student concierge service. Historically, we have found that students who have access to these fundamentals are significantly more successful, as they are able to make full use of the additional items they’ve purchased.

Experience university-specific mock interviews at Fraser's, emulating the interview style and criteria of your chosen university. Ideal for UG/PG students preparing for Med school interviews.