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How Different People Have Benefitted From Our Services

Interviewing after completing an undergraduate degree

Postgraduate Applicants

Postgraduate medicine and dentistry interviews are known to have much higher expectations of applicants. Your responses to motivation style questions need to employ a greater depth of discussion around your values, experiences and ultimately your motivations. Many of those interviewing for postgraduate places have also taken the time to develop an awareness of key public, rural and Indigenous health opportunities.
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Interviewing as a high school lever

Undergraduate Applicants

Due to the limited number of Undergraduate places available for enrolment, these applications can be very competitive. One of the best places to differentiate yourself from the crowd of high atar scorers is to add depth and clarity to your interview responses. Our tutoring team of doctors and medical students are best suited to help you make your mark. 
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Missed out previously or just generally worried.

Nervous about Interviews

Anxiety around your interview preparation and performance is a perfectly normal experience (the majority of medical students have felt this before). In these cases, we find that some students prefer to start their preparation early and take smaller steps with our resources/question banks. Our team is here to support you and keep you accountable through the final hurdle. 
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Starting preparation late

Sometimes life gets in the way and it's a challenge to start your preparation early. With rigid interview timelines, we can understand the need for a last minute mock interview or private tutorial. We are well positioned to organise sessions on short notice following enrolment.
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International Applications

Fraser’s Interview has successfully landed hundreds of students in their dream medical programs in the UK, New Zealand and North America. If you are curious about international medicine, enquire today with our student success team!
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2023 Interview Courses

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Full Interview Atlas
Full Applications Atlas
1 Private Tutoring
2x Digital Applications Review
Early Learner Guide
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Full Interview Atlas
Full Applications Atlas
Uni Specific Mock Interview
6x Interview Expertise Workshops (live)
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Revamping Our Offerings for
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We're in the process of enhancing our Medical Interview Courses to bring you an even more enriching and tailored learning experience.While we're busy behind the scenes crafting these new offerings, we understand your journey to excellence doesn't pause.

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James' 2022 Course Configuration
Cost: 2,499
IEWS Tutorials 3X Mocks 4 PTS Offer at UWA and UNSW
IEWS Tutorials 3X Mocks 4X PTS Offer At UWA and UNSW
Vanessa's 2022 Course Configuration
Cost: 2,297
IEWS 2X MOCKS 8X PTS Practice at Home Kit Offer at Bond, JCU & Monash
IEWS 2X Mocks 8X PTS Pracrice at Home Kit Offer at Bond, JCU & Monash

Student Feedback

Comprehensive Student
The course was brilliant in allowing me to strengthen my interview skills to the highest point they could be. I had lots of opinions and ideas, and the tutors helped me narrow in on my strongest ideas to get over that final hurdle.
Comprehensive Student
Signing up for Fraser’s was definitely one of the best decisions I made in helping me get into Med school. The online portal was invaluable and was most beneficial for me. It was extremely comprehensive, well organized and regularly updated. The mock interviews were a great way to test what I had learnt. The course overall gave me a platform of stability during an extremely hectic and stressful period of my life.
Simulation Student
The Frasers course and the support I was offered as a student, played a crucial role in helping me ace my medical school interview. Frasers made sure I knew exactly what to expect, provided valuable strategies to tackle varied scenarios and above all, gave me confidence at every step of the journey. The tutors are experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely want to help you achieve your dream to get into medicine!
Comprehensive Student
FIT was a good blend of theory and practice. We had 1 day of class where we went through the main types of stations (eg personal questions and ethical scenarios). The focus was on developing our own thought process rather than learning what to say in response to what question. The mock interviews were a great way to build confidence and receive instant feedback from a variety of different tutors.
Simularion Student
I have been a long-time student of Frasers, and progressing with them was one of the best decisions I ever made. The interview mocks really encompassed the real life event, and gave me insight into being comfortable, genuine, and well-prepared for my MMI.
Simulation Student
The Fraser’s mock interview was invaluable in preparing me for the medical school interview and something I would strongly encourage any candidate to experience. The mock simulated real interview conditions with content tailored to my university, which gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was well equipped.

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