Star Student Configuration - Vanessa

While you can definitely chat to our student success team for assistance in finding the right configuration for you (via intercom or email), we understand that it may be helpful to view previous star student’s configurations. We are so proud that we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs by offering quick purchase configurations that were tied to success last year. 

Vanessa’s course was built around her previous experiences with studying and academic success. She reported that she felt very confident studying on her own using our resources, but had used scheduled private tutorials in the past to keep accountable and on the right path, particularly in studying high school chemistry. We built this course around her independent study routines, enabling access to our Self Practice Kit filled with different ways she could practice alone and with friends. We then supplemented her preparation with intermittent classes and a consistent tutor to work through preparation issues as they arose. In the week before her interviews started, she completed two general mock interviews to check her skills in a more formal setting and receive some final feedback. Vanessa was thrilled to receive medical school offers at Bond, JCU and Monash. She had a competitive atar and UCAT score of 3100.  

*Please note that the student’s identity has been obscured for privacy.