Star Student Configuration - James

While you can definitely chat to our student success team for assistance in finding the right configuration for you (via intercom or email), we understand that it may be helpful to view previous star student’s configurations. We are so proud that we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs by offering quick purchase configurations that were tied to success last year. 

James’ course configuration was built around the context of his interview knowledge. He had just finished high school in WA, had never sat an interview before and struggled with concepts like ethical reasoning and public health discussion. He opted to spend 6 weeks attending our classes and tutorials to bridge his knowledge in these areas. These skills were then initially tested in a general mock interview, followed by 2 university specific mock interviews for the universities he had received offers to. Among these mock interviews, he had 4 intermittent private tutorials to discuss and reflect on the weaknesses that were identified. James opted to cover himself with our performance guarantee as he knew that if he was unsuccessful he would definitely apply for medicine again. Ultimately, James received an offer at both UWA and UNSW. He had a competitive atar and a UCAT score of 2840.  

*Please note that the student’s identity has been obscured for privacy.