Private Tutorial

 Unlike group sessions, 1:1 tutoring allows us to focus on your specific strengths and areas that need improvement, ensuring your preparation is targeted and effective. This personalised approach boosts your confidence and enhances your ability to articulate your unique qualities and motivations, setting you apart from the competition.

Beyond individualised attention, our Private Tutorials grant you access to firsthand knowledge and real-world experience, equipping you with the insider information needed to impress your interviewers. Whether you choose to participate online or in-person at a partnering university, this experience is an invaluable investment in your medical career and it is recommended that you supplement any mock interview purchases with a few private tutorials to ensure effective implementation and execution of your interview feedback.

Immersive Program

This product is part of the ‘Immersive’ program and must be purchased in addition to the “Immersive Starter” pack. The Immersive Starter enables you access to the foundational components of our course, including our Interview atlas, our money back guarantee and a student concierge service. Historically, we have found that students who have access to these fundamentals are significantly more successful, as they are able to make full use of the additional items they’ve purchased.

Fraser's Private Tutorials offer 1:1 Medical Interview coaching for UG/PG students, tailored to your unique needs for in-depth preparation, while also providing firsthand knowledge and real-world experience.