Parental Package

It starts with a parental atlas, which contains our advice on assisting your child at home, all developed from over 10 years of experience. This indispensable guide includes preparation tips, advice for giving feedback and a set of unique practice questions that are not accessible elsewhere in the program. This allows you to act as your child’s independent advisor, with a wealth of information to help you do it. 

The parental package also secures you a direct line with an industry concierge that can offer you unlimited verbal guidance. They can also take you through your child’s progress and advise you on next steps for optimal preparation. This package is not just about supporting your child; it's about actively contributing to their success and securing their future in medicine. Invest in your child's dreams today and be the guiding force that propels them to greatness!

Immersive Program:

This product is part of the ‘Immersive’ program and must be purchased in addition to the “Immersive Starter” pack. The Immersive Starter enables you access to the foundational components of our course, including our Interview atlas, our money back guarantee and a student concierge service. Historically, we have found that students who have access to these fundamentals are significantly more successful, as they are able to make full use of the additional items they’ve purchased.

Fraser's Interview's Parental Package offers comprehensive support for parents on guiding their children through medical interview preparation.