General Mock Interview (Online)

These sessions run for up to 3 hours and include briefing time, simulated interview time and verbal feedback time. *These sessions are great for those that have not yet received an interview offer or are preparing for multiple universities, and want to hit all the bases. 

What makes these mock interviews so special is the invaluable feedback you'll receive. Immediately after your mock interview, our expert tutors provide verbal feedback which is also transposed onto dedicated student rubrics that score your performance on our evidence-based criteria, and relay concise strengths and weaknesses of each response. We are all about providing personalised feedback that is reasonably actionable in the time frame you have before your interview. Our perfection of this product is one of the main reasons we are industry leaders in medical interview preparation with thousands of successful students. 

And for ultimate convenience, we also offer automated mock interviews that allow you to record responses to pre-recorded questions, which our expert tutors will evaluate, providing you with the same high standard of verbal and written feedback within 72 hours. Many students choose to complete this mock format instead of the live ones as our automated platform closely replicates the automated platform used in about 30% of medical interviews.

Here's the game-changer: while our General Online Mock Interviews are an excellent starting point, we highly recommend considering our University-Specific Mock Interviews once you know which universities you're likely to interview at. These ensure a seamless transition from preparation to interview performance, giving you the competitive edge needed to ace your interview.

Immersive Program:

This product is part of the ‘Immersive’ program and must be purchased in addition to the “Immersive Starter” pack. The Immersive Starter enables you access to the foundational components of our course, including our Interview atlas, our money back guarantee and a student concierge service. Historically, we have found that students who have access to these fundamentals are significantly more successful, as they are able to make full use of the additional items they’ve purchased.

Prepare for your Med school interview with Fraser's General Mock Interview, ideal for candidates preparing for multiple universities or awaiting offers - a thorough simulation that covers all bases.