25 October 2020

COVID GPA Calculator


Due to 2022 Entry Changes, this calculator does not reflect COVID Changes. 

For a comprehensive GPA Calculator, that includes COVID changes, head over to our state-of-the-art GEMSAS & Medicine GPA Calculator.

GPAs: what has changed due to COVID?

An update to the way the GPA is calculate was released by the consortium on May 5th 2020. You can read the update here.

Many universities have excluded 2020 study in GPA calculations, while others are offering the option for students top ‘opt in‘ to have their GPA considered during the admission process.

Webinar: GPA Calculations Have Changed

Why was this decision made?

During unprecedented times, universities in the GEMSAS consortium are in the process of finding a way to equitably and fairly rank students on a bell curve.

Ultimately, they are aiming to avoid variable which may affect their ability to select the best potential candidates for admission.

There has been no homogeneity in the ways which universities account for disruptions due to COVID-19. Universities have varied in their adjustments to curriculums, unit structures and grading. For this reason, many universities have determined that these adjustments have skewed the GPA results in a way which renders them invalid or unreliable.

Other universities, such as Griffith, have taken a more liberal approach, deciding to allow students to opt in/opt out at their discretion.

How are interviews impacted?

Many universities are now hosting interviews online. You can find out more about online interviews (and how to prepare for them) here.

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