The University of Western Australia Medicine is structured in a way for students to undertake relevant bioscience foundation and improve clinical knowledge, effective skills in reasoning, develop engaging communication, leadership and teamwork skills that will ultimately prepare graduates for a future of collaborative patient care.

The University of Western Australia Course Components

The University of Western Australia medicine program is a four-year, full-time postgraduate course and the first year of study period provides necessary biomedical science foundation for medical students. Once students commence their second and third year of study, they will gain clinical experience in different wards and hospitals located in Perth, in addition to general practices and other community services.

University of Western Australia students in their third year, must choose a Scholarly Activity Program that continues into year four of study. The choices include:

  • Community service-based learning
  • Research
  • Public health
  • Health education

Additionally students must also undertake a rural clinical school program meant to improve their longitudinal and integrated clinical working execution. Up to 25% of the students enrolled in the University of Western Australia MD are offered work within Australia’s rural setting, which includes clinical service, ward experience and general practices ranging from Esperance to Kununurra.

The fourth year concludes with preparation for internship, which includes an exclusive option to practice in a clinical area of your choice, as well as an intern-shadowing segment to ensure that graduates are ready for internship.

University of Western Australia Graduate Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the UWA medical school, students with a bachelor’s degree or those who are in their first year bachelor’s degree can apply through graduate entry for this course. Students in their first year bachelor's degree may be eligible to apply in their final year of the course, but must meet all undergraduate degree requirements by the 31st of December of the preceding application year.

To be considered for admission to the UWA Doctor of Medicine program, an applicant must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent qualification recognised by the UWA.
  • A recognised bachelor’s degree from an Australian university or higher educational institutions is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework or the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR). 
  • An equivalent unweighted GPA of at least 5.5
  • Achieved a satisfactory GAMSAT score
  • Attend the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) at UWA

EXCLUSIVE: For 2022 intake, domestic applicants who were successful in receiving an interview call had secured an average GPA of 6.75. Hence, the GPA score acceptance may have significantly increased for 2023.

Domestic Applicants Applying For Medicine

Applicants who fall under the category of ‘Domestic students’ include:

  • Those who identify as Australian citizens (including dual citizenship holders), permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens.

There are also additional pathway options for students that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Rural domestic students who are a part of a Federal Government initiative to address rural and remote areas of workforce shortage in allied healthcare.
  • Applicants who identify as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander with valid proof of their identification. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants should contact the Faculty Admissions team or the Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health (CAMDH) for more information about entry pathways.

GAMSAT Exam  Requirements

Domestic applicants must submit a valid GAMSAT exam result for entry into the MD course at UWA. All GAMSAT scores are valid for 2 years and must be valid before the closing date of applications at UWA.

Domestic applicants must have an overall score of at least 55 in GAMSAT with at least a GAMSAT score of 50 in each section of the exam.

EXCLUSIVE: For 2022 intake, domestic applicants obtained an interview offer after securing an average GAMSAT score of 72.2. 

University of Western Australia MMI

Applicants based on their GAMSAT or equivalent score and GPA will receive an invitation for the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) at UWA. The MMI evaluates students based on their personal attributes that are desirable for a medical practitioner. The shortlisted applicants receive an email, two weeks prior to the interview, giving you time to prepare.

The MMIs for domestic applicants are usually held in late September at the Perth campus. Applicants who received an invite to the MMI must allow a minimum two-and-a-half hours which includes registration, preparation and the medical interview process itself.

The interview process for the Doctor of Medicine course at UWA consists of 5-8 MMI stations. Each station is allocated an approximate of 5-10 minute time period, split between preparation time and response duration to the MMI questions. Five of the stations comprises sets of questions based on scenarios presented in the three-minute preparation time. The remaining stations are meant for Graduate Presentation Exercise, Graduate Presentation Preparation followed by a rest station.

International applicants applying for the MD course

Unlike the MMI format used to assess domestic applicants, the University of Western Australia MD course uses a slightly different format for international students. The interview process involves two University representatives conducting the interview to evaluate the applicants.

Each year, interviews for international graduates are held in Perth and in specific overseas locations during July and early August. Due to Covid-19 disruptions the interview process for international applicants is currently under review by the university.


International students applying for the MD course may sit the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) instead of the GAMSAT. The score required to clear the MCAT is a minimum of 492 with no section under 123. For international applicants opting GAMSAT, the score should be 50 with no section under 50 to be eligible for the MD course at UWA. 

What to bring to the UWA Medical Interview?

Once you have received the medical interview offer, it is important to perform well at the MMI stations. Some of the important factors to keep in mind before appearing to the interview includes: 

  • A photo ID verification such as passport/driver’s licence/school card is required at the time of interview
  • Interviewees must refrain from carrying mobile phones or other personal electronic gadgets into the interview room.
  • Applicants should strictly avoid any uniforms, accessories or badges that represent any specific organisation to prevent any biases during the interview process.

How to apply to the University of Western Australia MD course?

All domestic students, including rural applicants must apply for the Doctor of Medicine via the GEMSAS website. The UWA Doctor of Medicine application dates open during the first week of March and is active until the end of May prior to the year the applicant wishes to commence the medical course.

International students, however, may choose an alternative pathway and apply via an authorised international education agent. 

UWA Doctor of Medicine: How are the Final Offers Determined at UWA for 2023?

Here's the BIG change in UWA Doctor of Medicine entry requirements: The formula for final offer release!

The GEMSAS application guide is ever-shifting, pointing out the varying requirements of each medical school on its freshly released medicine admissions guide every year.

Whilst most medical schools are not drastic with their entry requirements for the Doctor of Medicine and keep it consistent with only minor changes to look out for, there are always exceptions to how some medical schools run their admission process for medicine. The University of Western Australia is one such medical school who has come forward with a new ranking system to proceed with final medicine offers to their future students.

The final ranking percentage is currently different compared to previous years at the UWA medicine process. As of now, the GPA, GAMSAT scores and interview offers are combined in the following pattern to admit future medical students at UWA:

UWA Medicine GPA Consideration GAMSAT Scores Medical Interviews
Final Offers 30% 20% 50%

University of Western Australia Fees Information

Students enrolling in UWA’s Doctor of Medicine program have designated Bonded Medical Places (BMPs) supported by the government. Up to 63 places are available at UWA, out of which 30% is purely devoted for rural applicants, approximately 10% for ATSI applicants and 28.5% of all domestic spots are reserved for BMPs. Applicants are not required to specify the preference for a BMP and will be allocated based on their ranked list.

Students who have accepted the Australian Government's BMP must adhere to work in areas of identified workforce shortage for a period specified in the Department of Health once they graduate. Students will be allocated in areas of workforce shortage, be it in remote, rural or urban regions based on their specialisation. 

Fee Type Course Fees (TBA for 2023)
Domestic Students

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

Bonded Medical Places (BMP)

AUD $8,747 (Estimated average annual fee)
Full-Fee Payment AUD $79,700 (Indicative fee per year)
International Students
AUD $82,900 (Equivalent Full-Time Student Load per year)

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