A detailed Medical Interview Guide to Apply for UOW Medical School

UOW Medicine is committed to generating excellent medical graduates committed to improving community health and are skilled to work in a diverse range of settings, particularly in rural and regional Australia.

Students will be allowed to study either at the Wollongong campus or UOW’s Shoalhaven Campus. Students opting to study medicine at the Shoalhaven Campus will have the privilege of educational resources, tutors and placements with local doctors, and access to the Shoalhaven District Hospital.

UOW Medicine Course Structure

The University of Wollongong Doctor of Medicine course curriculum incorporates local medical healthcare practitioners actively involved in diverse educational, clinical, and research components within the medical profession. UOW incorporates teaching techniques, such as clinical teachings in hospitals, wards, and general practice, large and small group clinical presentations, various seminars, tutorials, and small group work to assist with learning effectiveness in the medical program. Additionally, the curriculum targets activities that improve medical students' personal and professional development, enhancing their skills for a future in the healthcare workforce.

What will study in the UOW MD course?

The UOW MD course is a four-year program, with each academic year approximately spanning over 42 weeks in length. In Year 1, students will have close to 25 hours of structured learning experience per week, with an additional 20-30 hours being self-directed learning. As the course progresses, students entering year 4 will be exposed to full-time clinical work regularly.

The UOW medicine utilizes small group learning activities, clinical skills laboratories, anatomy laboratories, and clinical placements to be an integral part of the learning experience. The course encourages graduates from various backgrounds, and no preference is given to any particular undergraduate degree.

UOW Medicine Guaranteed Entry Requirements

Domestic Applicants

To be eligible for the UOW MD degree, the applicants must have:

GPA score to study medicine at University of Wollongong

Applicants must be in their final year or have completed a bachelor’s degree from either an Australian University or an equivalent international Bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized under the Australian Department of Education and Training guidelines. The undergraduate degree on which the GPA is calculated must be no greater than 10 years before the commencement of the MD program at the UOW.

The GPA score is calculated based on the recent Bachelor’s degree qualification; No postgraduate qualifications are considered during GPA calculations. The GPA score is highly weighted to study medicine at the University of Wollongong and is exclusively used in ranking applicants for the interview offers.

GAMSAT Score Requirement For UOW Medicine

All domestic applicants considered to study medicine at UOW GM must gain a minimum score of 50 for each of the three sections - Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3 in their GAMSAT exam. The overall score for GAMSAT must be 50 or above to be eligible for medicine at UOW.

GAMSAT UK or Ireland is relevant for domestic students to apply for the UOW MD Program. GAMSAT results are applicable for up to two consecutive years to be eligible for medicine.

What is the UoW Altus Suite Component?

UoW has adopted the Altus Suite assessment model, which is a standardised, multi-part online assessment that gives all candidates a fair shot at demonstrating their competencies and personal values, beyond their academic grades. In this two-part model, students encounter the CASPer assessment that can approximately go on for 100-120 minutes and is an open-response situational judgement test, followed by the 'Snapshot', a 15-minute one-way video with standardised interview questions.

Domestic applicants must complete the CASPer test during the testing period allocated for students applying to the UoW MD program. For 2023 entry, CASPer test score will act as the primary hurdle for interview selection.  In addition to this, all students must sit the Snapshot interview in order to be considered for a medical place. 

The following key dates have been chosen to conduct the CASPer test for 2022-2023 academic year:

• Sun May 22, 2022

• Thurs June 2, 2022 

Admissions Portfolio to enter the MD program at UOW

The UOW Medical Admissions Portfolio comprises a written description of the applicant’s interests and personal experiences that reflect upon the applicant’s qualities to pursue medicine at the UOW. Applicants are encouraged to highlight areas of achievements, skills acquired, leadership qualities, collaborative teamwork, work ethic, and commitment to serve regional, rural, and remote communities.

The portfolio is specifically designed to rank eligible applicants for an interview. Listed below is a series of mandatory components required while submitting the portfolio:

  • The portfolio must consist of verifying rurality documents along with an application form to GEMSAS, regardless of the applicant’s preference form.
  • All applicants must have a contact name and a valid email address/or phone number to verify their qualifications, activities, and experiences described in the UOW Medical Admission Portfolio. 
  • Portfolios submitted along with the GEMSAS application will be considered for the admission process at UOW Medicine.

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The UOW Admission Interview Process

Applicants meeting the GPA and CASPer performance criteria are ranked eligible to receive medical interview offers. Approximately 160 applicants are invited to attend the interview process based on 50% GAMSAT and 50% Portfolio scores.

Each year, the interviews occur during late September; however, due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in place, interviews for 2023 entry will be conducted in an online format by trained interviewers. Each applicant is rated on personal abilities: communication skills, empathetic and ethical approach, reflective mannerisms, teamwork, and effective decision-making skills. 

All domestic applicants will receive only one invite to an interview from a medical school participating in the GEMSAS for entry. 

Domestic interviews for 2023 entry will be conducted in an online format in the week commencing 26 September 2022.

International Applicants

The eligibility criteria for international applicants are similar to the entry requirements mentioned above for domestic applicants. However, international applicants have the choice to either sit the GAMSAT or MCAT exam. 

All international applicants must receive a GAMSAT (UK and Ireland) minimum score of 50 for each of the three sections and an overall score of 50 to be considered for the MD course at UOW. Applicants opting MCAT must have achieved a minimum overall score of 495 to be eligible to pursue medicine at UOW.

Students must have taken both the GAMSAT and MCAT within two years at the time of the application process.

UOW Medicine Interview 2022 Dates for 2023 Entry

Interview Offers and Dates for Medicine

UOW Medical Applicants

Interview Timeline

Interview Offers sent out Early September 2022
Portfolio Verification Mid-September 2022
Online Interviews Conducted
Late September 2022
The first round of interview offers made to students
Early November 2022
The final round of offers made to students (if any)
Mid-December 2022 - Mid January 2022
Enrolment to commence the course (All international students must complete their enrolment in person at the UOW, Wollongong campus)

Mid-January 2023

*Kindly note that these dates are subject to change according to the UoW's announcements.

University of Wollongong Admission Process

The UOW chooses applicants with a proven high level of academic achievement, a diverse range of experiences and activities, personal development, and skills deemed essential for a medical student and practitioner committed to improving the health outcomes in regional, rural and remote Australia.

All domestic applicants must apply through GEMSAS. Refer to the GEMSAS Admissions Guide for 2022-2023 to know further information regarding the selection process.

The international applicants must download and complete the Postgraduate coursework application form and attach supporting documents to the application form while submitting it to UOW Future Students.

University of Wollongong Medicine Fees Information

The UOW Medicine coursework offers domestic students the opportunity to apply for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP). Under the Australian Government’s postgraduate funding model, some places at UOW are reserved for CSPs, and the remaining is allocated for full-fee paying places (FFPs).

For the international students, the tuition fees for medicine are calculated as per credit point for the study.

Fee Type Course Fees (TBA for 2023)

Domestic Students

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

Bonded Medical Places (BMP)

AUD $11,300

Full-Fee Paying Place (FFFP) AUD ~$30,960
International Students
AUD ~$62,000

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