Medicine at Macquarie University

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Macquarie University is highly equipped with digital health systems and is determined to produce medical professionals who are patient-centric and are culturally-driven in their clinical practice. Students enrolled in the MD program will study at MQ Health; Australia’s first university-led integrated health campus where you will learn from leading medical educators, researchers and clinicians.

The Doctor of Medicine program is designed to provide students with an Australian and international clinical experience and provides exposure to various health systems, cultures and clinical presentations. The Macquarie MD is now accredited by the Australian Medical Council and is approved by the Medical Board of Australia.

Macquarie University Medicine Entry Requirements 

MD Course Postgraduate Admission Criteria

The qualifications listed below for admission requirements must have been completed within 10 years of intended commencement of the course. The GAMSAT and MCAT exam scores are only valid if they are completed within 2 and 3 years respectively of the application year to the Macquarie medical program.

To be considered for the MD coursework at Macquarie, applicants must have:

  • Achieved an AQF Level 7 bachelor’s qualification or a recognised equivalent
  • A minimum GPA score of 5.0 out of 7.0
  • A minimum overall GAMSAT score of 50
  • A minimum overall score of 500 in the MCAT test for international students residing outside Australia
  • A compelling personal statement
  • Satisfactory performance at Macquarie Medicine Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

NOTE: Entry into medicine at Macquarie is competitive and a GPA score higher than 5.0 out of 7.0 is essential to be considered for a medical interview.

Macquarie Medicine: Adjustment Factors

At Macquarie, a 3% adjustment bonus is applied to the weighted GPA score to students who can provide valid proof of evidence that they belong to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and rural background, as well those students with a Macquarie Uni Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree.

If a student belong to more than one of the above mentioned cohorts, then they are automatically eligible for a maximum bonus of 5% applied to their weighted GPA. These adjustment factors are only applicable for domestic applicants and not international students.

Doctor of Medicine Macquarie University Admission Process

Domestic and International applicants are entitled to submit a ‘Personal Statement’ during their application process. The Personal Statement typically requires students to respond to three sets of questions. All domestic applicants must submit their application via the GEMSAS portal and must read through the GEMSAS Medicine Admissions Guide prior to submitting the applications to Macquarie University.

International applicants are required to submit their application directly to International Admissions at Macquarie University.

Macquarie Medicine Interview: Panel or MMI?

The Macquarie University medical interview is conducted in the Multiple Mini Interview format. Only students that receive an invitation from the university are eligible to attend the MMI. Students applying for the medical program at Macquarie are ranked and selected for an interview based on:

  1. 50 % of their GPA
  2. 50% of the GAMSAT score
  3. Well-articulated Personal Statement

At the MMI, each station comprises interviewer/s posing different sets of scenarios to the students with a predetermined amount of prepping time allocated at each station. 

Final offers of a medical place are based on: 

  • 50% of GPA/WAM
  • 50% MMI 

NOTE:  MMIs for local applicants will be held on 23rd or 24th September 2022, whereas international applicants will be invited to a modified MMI conducted on a videoconference platform.

Macquarie University Medicine Interview Dates

Interview Timeline Interview Dates
Domestic applicants 
Interview invitations are sent Early September
Interviews are conducted at Macquarie  End of September 
Offers are made to successful students  Early November 
International applicants 
Interviews are held online  May - October
Offers are made to successful students On a rolling basis

Macquarie University Medicine Fees Structure 

Each year, Macquarie University conducts an annual review for the tuition fees of Australian and international fee-paying graduates. It will increase each year of their study period.

The students enrolled in the MD program at Macquarie will either pay the Full Fee Payment (domestic students) or the international tuition fees. There are no subsidies provided by the Australian Government for Australian full fee or international student places.

Macquarie accepts approximately 40 full-fee paying student places and close to 20 international students for the postgraduate medical program. These quotas are subject to change annually, however, for 2023 academic year, the GEMSAS guide clearly states the aforementioned information as the number of final places offered at Macquarie. 

Fee Type Course Fees
Domestic applicants AUD $70,800 (TBC)
Full Fee Payment Places (FFPP)
International applicants AUD $76,800 (TBC)

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