18 October 2020

GEMSAS GPA Calculator


Fraser’s GEMSAS GPA Calculator gives you the most accurate weighted and unweighted GPA estimate for each postgraduate Australian Medical School. Regardless of if you studied in 2020 or not, this calculator will work out your GPA.

GEMSAS GPA Calculator- How does it work?

The GEMSAS GPA calculator estimates your GPA score based on the specific weightings of each university. It takes your first, second and third-year subjects into account, weighting each of them accordingly. 

How is your GEMSAS GPA calculated?

Although the GPA way GPA is calculated varies from institution to institution, the most common weighting is as follows:

Final Average GPA Year (most recent) = Weighted x3

Final-1 Average GPA Year (2nd most recent) = Weighted x2

Final-2 Average GPA Year (3rd most recent) = Weighted x1

Find out more about how each university calculates your GPA.

What GPA do I need to study medicine? 

In 2020, the GPA average score cutoff ranged from 5- 6.91. Because medical schools often change the number of places that they offer, this means that these scores are always in flux. 

Find out more about Minimum GAMSAT + GPA Scores for each University

Will I receive an interview offer from GEMSAS based on my GPA? 

Interview selection for graduate-entry medicine is based on performance in a number of different areas, such as your GAMSAT score, GPA and portfolio. You can find out more about this here.

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