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5 Common Mistakes Made in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

1. Over Thinking Your Answer

First instincts are usually correct. Hopefully you have prepared for your interview, as this will enable you to trust your first instincts. Your preparation should be tailored for the school you are interviewing for, as schools tend to vary based on time number of stations and the questions they are asking. You want to prepare enough such that you can answer on autopilot, because on the day nerves can get the best of the cortex.

2. Pretending To Be Someone Else

The interviewers want to know You!

Speak your mind. Many people fall into the trap of trying to memorize perfect answers for potential topics. This can get you into trouble as they sound quite vague and generic to the interviewer who can pick up on this. Be authentic and you will come across better than saying something that you don’t believe, just because it sounds like the right thing to say. The interviewers are not stupid, they pick up on these small things.

3. Changing Your Routine

Don’t fall into the trap of letting people tell you how to act on the day - what to eat, drink, how long to sleep etc. This may seem insignificant but your headspace is vital in these interviews. If you are in a good headspace and able to think clearly you have the best chance of being able to perform at your optimum level, which is what we are all trying to achieve.

4. Confident, Not Arrogant

This is can be a fine line to tread. Practice with people you respect and getting feedback is the best way to avoid making mistakes in presentation on the day.

5. Rushed And Flustered

It is a very long and nervy day. There will be plenty of anxiety for even the coolest customers, try not to let yourself become overwhelmed with the situation. Everyone is in the same position as you, acknowledge that and don’t let it affect you. The sooner you accept that you are imperfect and nervousness is normal, the better. Conquering your fear will allow you to perform at your best.

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