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Acting Stations in MMIs - Do They Really Exist?

Myths And What You Can Find

Once upon a time, in a time of myths and legends, there actor station! For many who are attempting their interviews this might indeed be true however, actor stations are actually common. They can range from the run of the mill; a friend's dog died to a more serious medical scenario where you have to tell a patient that the surgery went wrong and they can no longer walk. Some of these stations will be confronting with actors sometimes becoming very animated in the way they portray the character. It is very important to stay calm in these situations and get your point across.

Did Someone Say Practice?

It can't be stressed enough that practice makes perfect. Find someone who is mature and practice, practice and more practice. The qualities that interviewers are looking for is the same qualities that you would look for in a doctor. They want someone who is empathetic, kind, caring and compassionate. Being able to pick up on emotional cues including the non-verbal is extremely important. This is exactly what the interview is designed for and something that can’t be found out on paper. Look for the subtle hints and requests from your actor and be kind.

There may also be variations on the actor stations with some interviewers asked to act in certain ways when answering the questions. Some may be very friendly and help you with everything and then others may not say a single word and it will be like talking to a brick wall. Be prepared for these possibilities, don’t let them affect how you answer or second-guess what you are saying. Gauge how the interviewers (or actors) will be like early in your station so you can move on and concentrate on your answer.

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