Free Medical Interview Station Guide

Discover how each medical school in Australia performs its medical interview.

The guide contains everything you need to know - the number of MMI stations, interview timing, question types and locations. Download it now!

Using The Medical Interview Station Guide

Every Australian university does there interview slightly differently, most are using MMIs

There are some key differences in their implementation.


1. Medical Interview Timing


Each medical interview will vary by time in the station, time for reading and time in between.


It is important to be aware of the time you're allotted at the start of your preparation.

Practice answering questions with time and the expected number of follow-ups in mind.


It is important to use an internal clock, not something distracting such as a stopwatch.


Work on the feeling of time passing and become able to self evaluate the length of your answers.


2. MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) Stations


There are quite a few different MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) stations you can expect.


Just for clarification, an MMI station is usually a room with an interviewer who has a specific set of questions on a given topic.


Personal MMI stations look at your motivation, Why Do You Want To Do Medicine?


Ethical MMI stations analyse your understanding of medical ethics as a prospective student.


Public Health, Rural Health, Indigenous and more the list is long.

You can find out more about each of these stations in our Free Medical Interview Course

Please note everything in this guide is subject to change and accurate based on the previous year.

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