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10 Practice Stations & Video Model Answers

Medical Ethics Theory Chapter

Interview Atlas

Our medical interview theory takes you through all of the interview questions and all of the background information you should know.

We include stations, model answers, textbook chapters, topic summary videos and more.

Covering every possible question that could be asked and more.


Interview Preparation Workshop

Our medical interview workshop takes what you learn on the atlas into practice.

Expect conversational sessions, where we check your theory, clarify difficult points and ultimately, prepare you for your medical interviews & MMIs

Runs across a one full day from 9 to 5.


Mock Interviews

  • Full University specific medical interview & MMI simulation 

  • Same number of questions, topics and rubrics as real interviews

  • Feedback on your answer for every station

  • Tutoring from medical students and interns that are the best communicators

Each mock interview runs for 2.5 to 3 hours including your answers & feedback.


Our Team

Led by Dr. Thomas Kelly known for his YouTube channel The Medical Method

Over 7,000 subscribers and 500,000 views on his channel
focusing on medical interview training and mock stations & questions.

Along with Tom, we have a team of medical school students, interns and professionals
that have been interview training medical students for over 50 years combined.

Graduate Dates

In-person in all states
Interview Workshops
August 31st (Melbourne & Sydney)
September 7th (Perth & Brisbane)
September 14th (Melbourne & Sydney)
Recording + 1-Hr Tute (Adelaide, Canberra, Other)

Mock Interviews
August 24th, 25th, 31st
September 1st
September 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th
September 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th
September 21st, 22nd

Schedule your session after enrolment
We will have many other options available too.
If the above dates don't work contact us.


Performance Guarantee
If you don't get into Medicine doing our Comprehensive Package, we remain committed to your success.
Do the whole course again for free the next year

Our Packages


Interview Station Generator

Interview Atlas Theory 

Interview Atlas Stations

Interview Atlas Videos
(Model Responses,Topic Discussions)​


Live Interview Workshop
(Full Day)​


1 x University Specific Mock Interview​



Payment Plans

(starting at $99 p/week)



Interview Station Generator

Interview Atlas Theory

Interview Atlas Stations

Interview Atlas Videos
(Model Responses,Topic Discussions)​


Live Interview Workshop
(Full Day)​

Performance Guarantee


3 x University Specific Mock Interview​

2 Hours of Interview Private Tutoring



Payment Plans

(starting at $199 p/week)


What our past students say...

"I appreciate how honest tutors were about their feedback.

They gave me different perspectives that I didn't think about touching on.

I feel a lot more prepared than I was previously." 

- Prashan, Current medical student

"Mock interviews stations were really similar to real scenarios.

Feedback was very constructive, detailing what my weaknesses are and what to improve." 
 - Andy, Current medical student

"Of course, I would recommend Fraser's Interview to my friends.

You want to prepare for the final hurdle as much as you can." 
- Ben, Current medical student

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