Free Medical Interview Course

The Free Medical Interview Course ensures that the mysterious medical interviews are clear and transparent, allowing you to make the most of your preparation time.


What modules are included in the Fraser’s Free Medical Interview Course?

  • Free Past Question Station Generator

  • Theory And Rationales For The Medical Interview Questions

  • Hours Of Recorded Explanations And Model Answers

  • Up To Date Webinar Recordings For All Changes To Admissions

Fraser’s Free Medical Interview Course is a medical interview course designed to be the hubspot for all your interview concerns. The Free Medical Interview Course is loaded with material for applicants of all stages of interview preparation. Whether it be wanting to get to know how the medical interviews work, what common stations are, theory behind various question styles, or even model answers, there is a component filled with top tier content that fulfils this need. 

Why is the Fraser’s Free Medical Interview Course so powerful? 

At Fraser’s we really do pride ourselves on making the most informative content. When changes occur to ACER, GEMSAS, or any of the independent universities, Fraser’s is always at the forefront of the mess, ensuring we adapt to the change and provide our students the best tools available to turn the situation into their own advantage. 


Last year, 1 in 4 applicants that received a medical interview prepared through our courses. 

Fraser’s Interview Training has developed the renowned title of being the go-to source for the most impactful study material. We have teams dedicated to every aspect of the medical interview, making it their prime focus to ensure the content created for every component is clear and powerful.

Make sure to sign up to the Free Medical Interview Course to gain access to the best preparation available.

Free Medical Interview Resources

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Now includes the University MMI Timing and Station guide GEMSAS Preference Machine, GPA Calculator and more.

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