Comprehensive Course

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Comprehensive Course
Complete preparation - online theory, interview workshops, mock interviews and private tutoring to help you ace every step.
Duration - includes 30+ hours of learning online, in workshops, in mock interviews and private tutoring.
Performance guarantee - if your first try isn’t successful, take the Comprehensive course the following year, free of charge.
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See what you’ll get in our Comprehensive course
Postgraduate Interview Atlas
Online learning module complete with webinars, guides, theory, and mock interview stations and model answers to make you medical-interview-ready.
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Live Interview Workshop
Conversational sessions that clarify your knowledge and prepare you for your medical interviews.
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University-Specific Mock Interviews
Expert mock interview simulations, perfectly modelled on the current interviews from your chosen university.
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Private Tutoring
Personalised feedback on your mock interviews from high-performing doctors and medical students.
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Interview Expertise Workshops
The best medical interview training workshops, designed to help you prepare in the most supportive and interactive methods and master all MMI and panel interview skills.
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Money Back Guarantee
We’ve got your back with a 100% refund if you don’t receive an interview offer after you’ve started your course.
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Performance Guarantee
If you don’t succeed in your application, re-enrol the following year, free of charge.
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